Complete 33 push-ups or 22 push-ups wearing a weighted vest and receive a personalised hook-and-loop name badge plus 20% off your purchase.

Easy, right?! 


Find your nearest participating dealer HERE.


Complete the challenge in-store or film yourself doing the push-ups and show it to your nearest participating dealer.


Once the dealer approves your attempt, you will receive 20% off a purchase (single, in-store transaction only) plus a unique code and URL to order your free personalised name badge.


Please feel free to share your push-up video with us by posting and tagging us on Instagram or Facebook. The most fascinating/fun performance will be awarded a prize by 5.11.

Want to know more or need help with the challenge? More info can be found in our F.A.Q.’s below.


Please note: this campaign is valid in the 5.11 EMEA region only.
There may be no participating dealer in your country.


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What name can I put on my name badge?

You can write anything on the badge BUT 5.11 reserves the right to disqualify texts which we consider as offensive.

There is no participating dealer in my country - what do I do?
That is unfortunate but if you share your video on your social media and tag us plus use the hashtag #Alwaystraining, you still can take part and have the chance to be awarded a special prize!
What if I can’t do 33/22 push-ups?
Go home and train before you give it another try!
What is a name badge for and what does it look like?
A name badge is used by military personnel and first responders worldwide. The 5.11 Campaign name badge has white text on black textile. It has a hook-and-loop backing and is attachable to many 5.11 products such as backpacks, pouches and jackets.
When will I receive my badge?
You can pick up your name badge two-three weeks after the campaign ends. You will be contacted by the store where you registered via email and they will tell you when the badge is ready for pick-up.
Is there a minimum or maximum spending limit for my 20% discount?
No there is not.
Can I use my 20% discount anywhere else?
No, the discount can only be used in-store, on a single transaction.
Do I need to use my discount on the same day as my challenge is approved?
Yes, you do.
How much should the weighted vest weigh?
The 5.11 Plate Carrier with plates weighs 9 kilos for men and 6,4 kilos for women.
How do I share my challenge on Social Media?
Share your video and tag us (instagram: @511tactical_int // facebook: @511tactical) and use the hashtag #AlwaysTraining in your post. 5.11 will be giving away a special prize for the most fascinating and fun way of doing the push-ups.
Can I complete the challenge with a 5.11 plate carrier borrowed from the store if I don’t have my own?
Yes, you can. The store should have a plate carrier available. If they don’t, do the 33 push-ups without vest instead.
What is the EMEA region?
Europe, Middle East and Africa.
I am based outside of the EMEA region, can I still take part?
That is unfortunate but if you share your video on your social media and tag us plus use the hashtag #Alwaystraining, you still can take part and have the chance to be awarded a special prize!
Why did you choose 33/22 push-ups?
The #22PushupChallenge was started by a veteran empowerment group and it become a viral trend with people all over the world posting videos of themselves doing push-ups on social media. The challenge aimed at raising awareness for mental health challenges among veterans. 5.11 wants to continue to put focus on the cause with this campaign.

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